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Nitron A-35

The key to unlocking your soil’s potential!

Nitron A-35 is a natural soil conditioner that is the key to successful organic gardening. It is the home garden product that releases soil nutrients and compliments fertilizers and compost.

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Nitron Industries

Nitron is a small business run by an experienced, friendly staff. We are committed to supplying organic gardening products that are effective and safe for your family and our planet. We believe that organic gardening is a more sustainable, healthy method for our land and will protect and strengthen it for generations to come!

Nitron founder, Frank Finger, has been committed to using organic products for his garden and crops since 1978. The soil conditioner he used on his 480 acres of farmland is now known as Nitron A-35, and is one of our best-selling products today. In addition to Nitron A-35, Nitron also carries organic products such as fertilizer, pest control, and tomato booster.

In the beginning of 2011 Nitron came under new ownership. Nitron still offers the same great products. We are dedicated to quality organic products and sustainability through organic gardening.