• Actinovate


Disease Control

by Nitron Industries



Actinovate WYEC108 is a cultivated bacterial strain which aggressively attacks predatory fungi and bacteria found on plants and soil. This works on a variety of fungus species including Pythium (Water molds) and Rhizoctania solani (Brown patch or Root rot).

Control harmful fungi with this organic fungicide

Actinovate WYEC108 is an organic fungicide composed of a beneficial bacteria strain that inhibits and kills predatory fungus. This harmful fungus feeds on plants, trees, grains, as well as fruit and vegetables. Actinovate is specially formulated to attack only the harmful bacteria, leaving the beneficial foliar nutrients unharmed.

Actinovate WYEC108 can be used to treat :

  • Vegetable gardens
  • Landscapes
  • Shrubs
  • Fruit trees
  • Lawns
  • House plants
  • Anywhere you have fungus problems.

How it Works

Actinovate works in a unique way when compared to normal fungicides. Most chemical fungicides are non-selective in what they damage. However, Actinovate is a selective bacterium designed solely to kill only the fungi that are harmful to plants. These fungi are either completely destroyed or rendered to levels that they can no longer function.

Uncontrolled fungus can wreck havoc on plants and root systems.

Fungi are living organisms that produce compounds called mycotoxin. When the attacking fungus encounters another life form, such as a plant's root system or leaves, it begins secreting mycotoxin that start dissolving the cell walls. The fungus will then liquefy and ingest the contents of the target cell, then reproduce into the space as an uninvited guest. The process continues until soon the invader has taken over significant areas of the host plant. If this attack occurs at the roots, plants can weaken and begin dying before any symptoms are detectable.

Predatory fungus attacks below ground affecting portions of plants, including roots and seeds. In addition, they are capable of attacking the plants above ground such as fruits, leaves, and seed pods. Some varieties of nematodes i.e. roundworms are harmful, however predatory fungi are not selective and will destroy beneficial nematodes as well.

Actinovate has the ability to inhibit and kill predatory fungus without causing unnecessary damage to plants and surrounding soil. Actinovate contains a beneficial bacteria strain that inhibits and attacks predatory fungi such as pythium families, and rhizoctonia solani family, fusarium family, phytophthora family, sclertinia family, phanerochaete family, coriolus versicolor, postia placenta, geotrichum candidum, and verticillium dahliae.

Many commercially available fungus killing agents (herbicides) contain large quantities of nitrogen in the form of ammonium nitrate or urea. High amounts of these chemicals can kill fungus, but they can also invite disease and stress the plant oftentimes causing as much damage as they prevent.

Fungicides are important tools in organic gardening. By preventively using Actinovate you can help ensure your plants are protected before fungus problems ever begin. Take care of the dangerous predatory fungi in your garden with the safe and effective fungicide, Actinovate .

How fungus problems have helped reshape entire populations

It might surprise you to learn one of the greatest famines of the pre-industrial world occurred because of a large scale fungus outbreak. The devastating blights (a phytophthora oomycete or “water mould”) that occurred during the 1840’s destroyed nearly the entire crop of potatoes, a staple food in Ireland. Over half a million people, nearly one in eight Irishmen died of starvation. Fleeing the famine, more than 2 million refugees emigrated to England, Australia, the United States, and other parts of the globe. This mass exodus changed not only population levels but cultures and traditions that were found within the home isles. It also exported Irish heritage across the greater western world.


Foliar spray: dissolve 1-2 teaspoons per 2 gallons of water for lawn & garden. Spray leaves stems and new shoots to completely cover plant. Repeat at 7 day intervals.

Soil drench: dissolve 1-2 teaspoons per 2 gallons of water. Pour solution over base of plant until soil is completely saturated. See Actinovate package directions for more details.