• Compost Aid

Compost Aid

Soil Amendment

by Nitron Industries



A specific blend of bacteria and enzymes that are designed to accelerate the composting process and enhance the quality of composted materials. Catalytic enzymes speed up the decay rate of organic materials, breaking your compost piles down more efficiently. Add to the success of your compost bin by treating and enriching soil during decomposition. Compost Aid also detoxifies compost, making for a more enriched finished product.

Compost Aid is

  • Safe and easy to use
  • All natural, 100% organic fertilizer
  • Contains fast acting ingredients
  • Works in compost piles, large or small
  • Large sizes available for industrial applications
  • Recycle your organic waste into a cost effective soil enhancer

Compost Aid works by accelerating the decomposition of biodegradable products placed in your compost bin. This primary breakdown of materials is a natural occurring process which yields dark, rich, organic material known as humus, also commonly known as “black gold.” This product can then be used as a soil conditioner to rebuild and enrich plants and gardens. Compost Aid is a safe, all-organic product that works as a compost accelerator for biodegradable products in your organic recycling or compost pile.

The Composting Process

Getting the benefits of a compost heap usually involves patience. Normal composting without the additives in Compost Aid can take up to a full year to mature into a useable product. By using Compost Aid you can trim your composting turnaround times by producing more compost material in less time. In addition, Compost Aid does not diminish or alter the quality of the rich nutrients produced by the compost pile as it decomposes organic materials.

Compost piles are a great tool for recycling as they require very little attention. Regular soaking and turning will keep your compost pile and the decomposition of the organic materials working properly. Although neglecting this step can result in a compost pile with higher than desired nitrogen levels that could result in less than ideal performance as a soil enhancer. Compost Aid works against this process by detoxifying the components and helps keep excess levels of nitrates in check while expediting the natural decomposition process of the compost.

For the composting process to work at peak performance, it’s important that the bacteria in the compost heap are supplied with a continuous supply of organic food. Water, oxygen and consistent temperature are also necessary components to a healthy compost pile.

Micro-organisms digest the organic materials in the compost pile to release nutrients, making them available to plants. This process generates levels of carbon and nitrogen. Leaves, branches, wood and paper are all high in carbon content. Meanwhile clipped grasses, fruits, and vegetable wastes contain high amounts of nitrogen. These materials go into the compost pile "formula". Mixing Compost Aid into your compost can create the perfect environment for maximum breakdown.

Compost Piles: The Natural Fertilizer

Composting piles have been around nearly as long as people have been farming. Archaeologists have found some sites dating back to the earliest known civilizations. It is believed when ancient farmers began noticing the positive impact animal and food byproducts had on crops, they intentionally began saving leftover food scraps to incorporate back into the land. Composting has many benefits. It reduces large amounts of biodegradable waste going back into landfills, thereby recovering a valuable resource. It has been estimated between 40 to 60 percent of total waste could be composted.

Composting also helps complete the carbon cycle. Carbon is an essential component found in living things. Carbon dioxide gas is in the atmosphere and oceans and lakes. Carbon can also be found in fossil fuels beneath the surface of the Earth. Carbon dioxide is absorbed by plants in the process known as photosynthesis. Animals then eat the plants, further breaking the sugars down and releasing the stored carbon into their bodies. Finally, micro-organisms break down dead plant and animal matter, returning the carbon back into the environment.

Today, composting is a widely used process in the world of agriculture with controls and methodology in place to ensure richer soil and higher production yields. Compost Aid is environmentally safe and will benefit your garden with every turn. Compost Aid will accelerate decomposition of your compost pile and increase your gardens fertility.


1 oz of Compost Aid mixed with one quart of water treats one cubic yard of compost. Saturate new materials added to your compost pile with the mix. After turning the compost pile pour in the mixture.