It all started in 1978 with a little mixture of 13 enzymes now known as Nitron A-35. Frank Finger, who managed 480 acres of milo and alfalfa, was hesitant to use chemical fertilizers. When he discovered an all-natural soil conditioner that worked wonders for his crops, Nitron was in business! Seeking green trees and hills not found in western Kansas, he moved to northwest Arkansas. His passion for organic gardening and farming is still going strong after 25 years! Making organic gardening products available everywhere, GardenIQ is the online organic garden superstore for Nitron Industries.

Located just outside Fayetteville, Arkansas, Nitron Industries is a small-town business with a nation-wide influence! We can ship even the heaviest bag of fertilizer anywhere, right to your door, in as little as 2 days! All of our employees are enthusiastic gardeners with a desire to keep it organic. Anyone on our staff can answer your questions regarding our products and organic gardening.

Our Staff

  • Matt Schilling, owner.
  • Clint Morris, manager. Clint has 10 years of industry experience, owning a landscaping company based in Little Rock, Arkansas. Clint greatly supports sustainable garden prgrams in the Fayetteville school district.  His favorite vegetable is organic red onion.
  • Travis Byler, shipping/warehouse manager. Travis has been with Nitron Industries since 2009, he loves growing organic vegetables and his favorite vegetable is Asparagus. His favorite product is Nitron A-35, Travis has a wealth of information about all of the products at Nitron Industries.
  • John Byler, shipping/warehouse manager. Jon has been with Nitron since 2010, he loves a big harvest and his favorite vegetable is organic Brussel Sprouts.
  • Phyllis Mahan, account management/customer service. Phyllis has been with Nitron since 2012.  Phyllis' favorite flowers are Iris and Lavender.
  • Laura Brewer, Horticulturist/customer service/sales. Laura has been with nitron since 2012.  She has a Bachelors degree in Horticulture from Oklahoma State University. Laura has experience in greenhouse production, floral production, propagation and much more. Laura's favorite product is Earthworm Castings.
  • Helen Reed, customer service/sales. Helen has been with the company since 1990.