• Lawn Magic

Lawn Magic

Liquid Fertilizer

by Nitron Industries



Lawn Magic  2.18-1.76-0.21

Lawn Magic amino acid formula is a nitrogen activator so your lawn will get the maximum benefit from nitrogen already available in the soil. Lawn Magic's cytokinin growth hormones provide drought and disease resistance protection against fungus attacks and yellowing.

100% organic liquid fertilizer works as a nitrogen activator

A healthy lawn requires healthy soil. Brown patches, thin spots, and poor growth can all be signs of nutrient deficiency. By restoring the mineral content of the soil, you can revive your grass and get your lawn growing right.

Lawn Magic liquid fertilizer works to restore your soil’s vitality. This special formula activates nitrogen and makes it more available for plant absorption. Lawn Magic is the perfect answer for northern varieties of grass that suffer from heat stress in the summer.

Lawn Magic contains specialized growth hormones known as cytokines which:

  • Help recondition stressed turf
  • Convert thatch to food and improve soil aeration and moisture retention
  • Prevents fungus attack and can make plants more resistant to virus and disease
  • Restore lost nutrients that can cause lawns to yellow or dull
  • Improve color and thickness, making lawns soft and thick
  • Provides a continual source of minerals 

Keep your lawn looking great all summer

Everyone knows watering and mowing will help a lawn look good, but it still always seems like the grass really is greener on your neighbor’s side of the fence. Here some ideas to get your lawn looking great!




  • Test for alkalinity: You can use a kit to test your soil, available at most greenhouses. Soil pH is an important aspect of keeping grass looking great, and can be adjusted with soil amendments as required. A properly prepared soil will yield better results and can save you a lot of frustration down the road.



  • Grow grass seed suited for the area: Grasses come in many different varieties and types, and can be collectively grouped into what are known as “warm-season” grasses, which are better suited for southern climates, and “cool-season” grasses which are hardier and more acclimated to northern climates



  • Let there be light: Grass needs plenty of sunshine to look its best. And while you can’t control the weather, you can keep your lawn free from areas of shade and other sun blocking outside elements such as tarps, trampolines, and heavy leaves. If you have lots of trees or your yard is shaded by buildings or other structures, you may want to plant fescue grass that doesn’t require as much sunlight to grow.



  • Stop the mud puddles: If your lawn is going to be heavily trafficked by kids or animals, use grass that is more properly suited for it. Kentucky Bluegrass makes a beautiful lawn that has been proven to be very resilient, and will reduce the high traffic bare spots.



  • Eliminate Weeds and other competitors: Weeds can take away the limited nutrients in your soil that grasses need to grow. Weed your lawn often and early to prevent weed problems later.



  • Mow more often: Studies show that grass kept at a height of 2 to 2 ½ inches is optimal for most grass types. By using a mulch mower and removing only an inch at a time, clippings can be more readily broken down due to the reduced bulk. Never mow your lawn too short, as this can stress the plants and reduce root stability.



  • Fertilize regularly: Like any plant, grass can be fed extra nutrients for added growth. Using organic fertilizers such as Lawn Magic or Nitron’s A-35 can make a tremendous difference in the health of your lawn. !


How a thatch layer can affect your lawn

Thatch is the name given to the built up layer of clippings and debris that accumulate where the base of the grass blades meet the surface of the soil. Thatch is a natural protective barrier that helps keep moisture in, and serves as an insulation layer for the plant’s root system. Although thatch has many benefits, problems can occur when this layer is allowed to get too thick. This happens in fast growing, frequently mowed areas such as lawns, ball fields, and golf courses where clippings are created faster than they can decompose.

Solutions for reducing thatch range from using harsh chemical treatments, hand removal with shovels and rakes, all the way to expensive vertical mowing landscape machines that can cost thousands of dollars. Using Lawn Magic or Thatch Away can reduce the level of thatch in your lawn or garden the natural way, by introducing enzymes and microbacteria that begin breaking down the organic material found in thatch.

Lawn Magic can help restore lawns that are spotted or brown and revitalize areas that have reduced growth and appearance. Lawn Magic is safe, environmentally friendly, and a much more economical solution than other corrective measures available on the market today.


Apply 12.5 oz per 1,000 square feet or 1.25 oz per gallon.

Apply Lawn Magic in the morning

Derived from: Fish hydrolysate, seaweed, and humic acid.