• Liquid Fish

Liquid Fish

Liquid Fertilizer

by Nitron Industries



Liquid Fish  2.6-2-0.26

An all-natural liquid fertilizer that works better than chemical treatments!

Liquid Fish is a 100% natural concentrated liquid fertilizer that’s great on soils, sprouts and mature plants as well as lawns, vegetable gardens, and flowers. Liquid Fish is proven to help your plants grow bigger and stronger than they ever have before!

Success with Liquid Fish

  • Trace minerals improve the food nutrient capability of soil microbes
  • Microbes then produce more plant building blocks
  • Roots grow stronger and healthier
  • Rate and amount of top growth is improved
  • Plants become stronger, larger, and more vibrant
  • Healthier plants grow better crops, resulting in higher production yields
  • Safe to store, apply, and use anywhere

How it Works

Liquid Fish is a high nutrient, organic fertilizer with nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium ratio (N-P-K) of 2.6-2.0-0.26. Nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium serves as a rich organic base and soluble food for soil microorganisms. The end result of which is a healthier soil content which promotes stronger and larger plant growth.

An ancient native practice still used by people today

Native Americans have successfully used fish in planting for centuries. Historians have even documented many instances of charity shown between people such as Squanto and Somerset and the earliest Americans. By placing a fish into the holes with the seeds during planting, crops such as corn, beans, and squash were able to flourish and provide enough food to keep the settlements from failing.

Liquid Fish builds on this tradition by concentrating the enriching physical elements of this practice into an easy-to-use liquid application process. Liquid Fish is an all natural fertilizer. It’s safe for family, pets, and wildlife because it’s made naturally created proteins and minerals from fish.

University case studies have shown fish hydrolysate can be as effective as expensive, store bought chemical fertilizers. In comparative samples between organic and inorganic treated plants, those with soils treated with fish hydrolysate were found to be significantly enhanced over the other treatments. Liquid Fish helps provide a stronger nutrient base for plant growth by promoting rhizobacteria and actinomycete isolates.

More about Liquid Fish

Liquid Fish also commonly known as fish hydrolysate is produced from the remains of processed fish for the fish oil and fish meal industry.




  • The breakdown of proteins and oils serve as essential fuel for bacterium
  • The calcium phosphates in the skeletal structure of the fish provide an excellent mineral source as a soluble nutrient to growing plants
  • In many parts of the world, fish by products are the only growing agents used with great success




Grower evaluations on the benefits of fish hydrolysate are underway throughout the world. Commercial cultivators are eyeing the benefits of switching from aberrant chemical control agents, and going back to more organic, nature friendly methods. Considering environmental concerns of effects from nitrate-heavy chemical fertilizers, cost savings and potentially better production yields, farmers worldwide are turning back to fish by products i.e. fish hydrolysate for their fertilizing needs.


 Apply 3 cups (24 oz) per 1,000 square feet or 2 oz per gallon

Derived from: Fish Hydrolysate