• Luscious Lawn & Garden 3-1-5

Luscious Lawn & Garden 3-1-5


by Bradfield Organics



Luscious Lawn and Garden 3-1-5

Luscious Lawn and Garden is an all-purpose, organic fertilizer that is perfect for your lawn, flower garden, and vegetable garden.

An all-purpose, organic fertilizer that is safe to use anywhere!

Imagine treating your lawn with an effective organic fertilizer that is safe for your children and pets. Imagine a fertilizer that works on the lawn, trees, and shrubs, as well as vegetable, fruit, herb, flower, and rose gardens. Imagine a fertilizer that is safe to use near ponds, lakes, and streams. Nitron brings this ideal organic fertilizer to you with Luscious Lawn and Garden.

  • Produces a lush, thick lawn
  • Relieves heat stress and promotes winter hardiness
  • Contains a root stimulant
  • Will not leach into water

How it Works

Luscious Lawn and Garden is an alfalfa-based organic fertilizer that contains the natural root stimulant known as triacontanol. Triacontanol raises plant yield by improving photosynthesis and cell division. The nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium ratio (N-P-K) is 3-1-5.

Made from all feed grade components: Alfalfa, Molasses, Sulfate of Potash, Humate (humic acid), and Meat Meal. No manure, sludge, or inert ingredients.

Why Natural is Better

Organic gardening uses methods found in nature to build healthy, sustainable plants without using chemicals that are harmful to humans, animals, and the environment. While reaching for chemical fertilizers may seem like a quick fix, in time they poison the land, create a dependency on their use, and are dangerous for adults, children, and pets. Chemicals from fertilizers are made from non-renewable resources and petroleum products. These chemicals deplete the soil and poison our homes, rivers, and streams.

The Environmental Protection Agency has warned that chemicals found in synthetic fertilizers may be harmful to your nervous system, skin, eyes, and may even be cancer causing agents. Children living in homes using these chemicals are at higher risks for asthma, childhood leukemia, and brain cancer. The simple solution to avoid these risks is to Go Organic!

More on Organic Lawn and Garden Care

Organic lawn and garden care has been labeled as an “alternative” or “luxury,” even though it is the way people have gardened for centuries. Due to the damage caused by our “modern” methods of lawn and garden care, more people are realizing that the status quo can not continue. Organic gardening uses techniques we learn from nature to build healthy soil and plants that are naturally resistant to disease and pests, which means less money and maintenance for you.

For the Lawn:

  • Set your mower to a high setting
  • Leave grass clippings on the lawn
  • Water infrequently and deeply


 For the Vegetable Garden

  • Use a soil conditioner such as Nitron A-35
  • Start a compost pile to reduce waste and add organic material back to the soil
  • Consider companion planting in your garden, plants have symbiotic relationships and many can help each other grow


 For Flower Gardening and Herb Gardening

  • Use natural pest control such as Diatomaceous Earth and pest-repelling flowers such as marigolds.
  • Start your herbs from seed to ensure they are without chemicals
  • Mulching help keep weeds out and retains water in the soil


    Lawn Application: 10 lbs per 1000 square feet 

    Garden Application: 20-30 lbs per 1000 square feet then broadcast and till into soil

    People and pets may use the lawn immediately after application.