• Sea Grow Plus

Sea Grow Plus

Liquid Fertilizer

by Nitron Industries



Sea Grow Plus 2-1-2

Sea Grow Plus is an organic liquid fertilizer made from natural ocean kelp and fish hydrolysate that can be used on any plant!

A natural, organic liquid fertilizer for all of your plants!

For centuries, people have been using natural products from the ocean to encourage plant growth. It’s no secret that the ingredients in Sea Grow Plus are rich in nutrients and plant hormones. These organic ingredients accelerate growth, increase fruiting and flowering, and intensify coloration in your lawn, garden, and house plants.

Sea Grow Plus is an excellent liquid fertilizer for your foliar, transplanting, and rooting needs. It improves the health and yield of your garden and house plants. It is also great for growing roses, as it intensifies the color. Sea Grow Plus is safe for your whole family.

How it Works

Sea Grow Plus is an extract of natural ocean kelp and fish hydrolysate. Its ratio of organic nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (N-P-K) is 2-1-2. Sea Grow Plus is highly recommended as a foliar nutrient spray, which is an extremely efficient method of providing nutrients directly to the plant. This liquid fertilizer may also be applied directly to the soil.

Why Natural is Better

Organic gardening uses methods learned from Mother Nature to enhance soil and plants naturally. Over time, these methods make your plants stronger and more resistant to pests and disease, without depending on dangerous chemicals. This means less time and money spent! Chemical fertilizers are a quick-fix: they may seem effective at first, but they end up depleting your soil and creating a cycle of dependency.

Organic products and methods are just as effective as synthetic fertilizers and cost less! Did you know that children living in homes that use chemical fertilizers and pesticides are at a higher risk for asthma, childhood leukemia, and brain cancer? Why risk your health, and the health of your family when there are natural products that are safe. Chemicals pollute our rivers and streams, and wreck havoc on the environment.

More Organic Flower Gardening

  • Build up your soil. Healthy plants start under the surface. Good soil contains many organisms, from earthworms to fungi, to provide needed nutrients to plant roots and keep your flowers healthy. Be sure to compost and use a natural soil amendment such as Nitron A-35. Check the pH level of your soil, and add nutrient elements accordingly.
  • Practice companion planting. Some plants grown together will enhance the entire garden ecosystem. Likewise, some plants grown together may create problems. Natural benefits compatible plants give each other include pest control, higher yields, shade, and nitrogen fixation.
  • Pests don’t like a healthy garden! Be sure to weed regularly and eliminate any weak or unhealthy plants. Use seaweed spray and mulch, and keep foliage dry. A natural pest control, such as Diatomaceous Earth, is better for your soil than chemical pesticides. 


    Light Application: 1/4 gallon per 5,000 square feet

    Normal Application: 1/2 gallon per 5,000 square feet

    Heavy Application: 1 gallon per 5,000 square feet

Foliar application for vegetables, lawns, fruit trees, roses, flowers, and shrubs: Apply at the rate of 1 tablespoon of Sea Grow Plus to each gallon of water. Make certain to mist all sides of leaf surfaces. Apply a minimum of 3 times during the growing season: 1) when plants are first leafing out, 2) when buds are setting, 3) three weeks after buds set.

Foliar application for potted plants: Apply at the rate of 1 teaspoon of Sea Grow Plus to 1 quart of water and mist plants well. May apply weekly or semi-weekly as required.