• Septic Tank Formula

Septic Tank Formula

Liquid Fertilizer

by Nitron Industries



Septic Tank Formula helps keep your septic tank working at maximum capacity. This special liquid enzyme formula works by breaking down clogs and blockages, preventing future backups, and saves you costly repairs.

Liquid enzyme formula keeps septic systems working properly

Septic tank backups can flood interior spaces and basements with wastewater, damage yards and landscaping, contaminate water supplies, and pose serious health risks. Septic tank problems can also necessitate costly repairs that require lots of time and effort, not to mention the disruption to your yard.

Using Septic Tank Formula can help prevent potential problems before they start. This liquid formula introduces millions of new enzymes to your septic system that begin working immediately, breaking down organic materials and reducing sludge build up that can block lateral lines and cause problems.

Septic Tank Formula is safe to use and 100% organic, so it won’t contaminate your groundwater like other chemical septic treatments can. And Septic Tank Formula will continue working throughout your septic system long after application, keeping pipes clear of debris.

An improperly maintained septic tank can cause you lots of problems down the road. Use Septic Tank Formula preemptively and keep your septic system working right.

How Septic Tank Formula Works

Enzymes and bacteria found in our digestive tract don’t stop working when they leave our bodies. Instead, they continue breaking down organic materials into smaller and smaller particles, until eventually most of the material can be absorbed back into the soil as environmentally accepted components.

This bacterial process occurs underground within the tank, or holding portion, or the septic system. If this process is disrupted, the wastewater can accumulate beyond the system’s ability to distribute it, leading to system failure (back ups) or even untreated materials being released into the soil before they have been fully processed, which can lead to soil or ground water contamination.

Septic Tank Formula works by introducing concentrated quantities of bacteria into the system which increases the ability of the tank to process wastewater. The increased activity can reduce sludge build up and help clear deposits within lateral lines and pipes, dramatically improving your septic tank’s ability over time.

With just one treatment of Septic Tank Formula, your whole septic system will have increased enzyme activity which begins working immediately against harmful sludge and blockages.

What should you know about your septic tank?

  • Septic tanks that have not been pumped within the last 5 years most likely need to be treated. Wastewater needs sufficient time in the tank to settle and undergo treatment. However, sludge build up can prevent this from occurring and push solids into the lateral fields prematurely. This can cause blockages within the drainage field pipes, and eventually lead to a system back-up and possibly contaminate groundwater sources.
  • Septic systems that are overused or not functioning at full capacity can cause water to rise to the surface of the tank and eventually pool above ground, causing serious odor and contamination problems as well as potential health risks.
  • Never dump toxins into the system as it interferes with the tank’s ability to treat wastewater. Oil, grease, fats, household chemicals, and other contaminants reduce the enzyme count within your septic tank and may lead to sludge problems later on. These chemicals can also seep out into the ground and pollute the soil.  
  • Septic tanks that are not properly maintained can fracture from environmental stress or outside forces such as tree roots or above ground influences (such as parking or placing heavy items on septic cover slabs). Never place overly heavy objects on the roof of your septic tank, as they could collapse and cause both a biological and physical hazard.
  • Septic lateral lines can be smashed or damaged, reducing septic tank outflow capacity. Also known as the lateral field, lateral line are usually perforated pipe systems encased with gravel or sand for added liquid dispersion capabilities. This encasement however leaves them more susceptible to collapse when directly pressured is applied on them, such as driving across or parking heavy objects above them. Stay clear of lateral fields with trenchers, tillers, backhoes, or other underground digging machines as well.
  • Septic tanks operate without any significant odor presence. If you detect an odor, this is usually a sign of a problem. Visually check for signs of damage or leaks, and make sure that the tank covering hasn’t been compromised by an above ground source.

    Using Septic Tank Formula at the first sign of problems can save you the headache and cost of dealing with a backed up septic tank.


    Use a ½ quart of Septic Tank Formula every six months with half the added catalyst. One bottle can treat tanks up to 500 gallons in size.