Spring Showers

This spring has been busy here at Nitron. We have three gardens that are in use year round.  First is the most obvious, the north raised beds close to the entrance.  Second is the East Garden, it features a raised bed of garlic, shallots, fennel and poppies. The adjoining sections are seperated into blocks of vegetables. The south garden is a pumpkin and watermelon patch!  Each garden has signage to help identify the indivdual varieties of vegetables.  Most of our plants are grown from Baker Creek Heirloom Seed right here at Nitron, this is the most satisfying way to start your garden in my opinion. 

The north raised beds are constantly changing; winter crops were beautiful performers, early spring crops are steping into the spotlight and the summer lovers are ready to burst with new growth.  Tilling the south garden getting it ready for pumpkins and watermelon took a lot of effort from Taylor and myself.  Mushroom compost and Sul-Po-Mag is a pumpkins best friend, that said pushing around mushroom compost all day will also make your friends think of clever excuses to avoid hanging out till you take a shower.

Companion planting is a method that many are familiar with.  The idea behind companion planting is simply that plants are placed with other plants that have complimentary characteristics.  This complimentary characteristic can be anything from providing structure to climb or pest resistance.  Does this sound familiar, three sisters gardening?  This describes three plants that all compliment one another, corn, beans and squash.  The corn provides structure for the pole beans to climb, the pole beans fixate nitrogen and make it available for the corn, and squash covers the ground to help retain mositure and act as a green mulch. 

Download the Nitron companion planting guide HERE

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