• Sul-Po-Mag


Soil Amendment

by Nitron Industries



Sul-Po-Mag  0-0-18  Sulphur 22% and Magnesium 11%

Sul-Po-Mag returns minerals back into the soil that plants take out. This special mix of sulfur, potassium, and magnesium is perfect for reconditioning soils before or after the growing season.

Plants use minerals to help them grow healthy and strong. Sul-Po-Mag can give your plants the proper mix of mineral components necessary to ensure colorful flowers, beautiful produce, and leafy green foliage.

Sul-Po-Mag provides the following:

  • Sulfur: helps plants during the photosynthesis cycle and contributes to flavor and produce size
  • Potassium: helps produce grow larger, more colorful and helps the plant better resist drought, disease, and insects
  • Magnesium: essential to photosynthesis and a necessary component in creating chlorophyll 

Use Sul-Po-Mag on plants, trees, lawns, landscaping shrubs, bushes, gardens, and more. Sul-Po-Mag is 100% natural and safe for use around people and pets.

Benefits of Sul-Po-Mag

Sul-Po-Mag works by providing plants with highly soluble minerals in one granule form. When mixed with water or into the soil, Sul-Po-Mag dissolves easily and works fast giving essential minerals to the plant root system.

Sul-Po-Mag applications should be properly spaced out to give time for the plants to absorb the minerals. Sul-Po-Mag should never be over used or plant damage may result.

More information about Sul-Po Mag

First described in 1891 and named for a German chemist August Langbein, Sul-Po-Mag, or the mineral otherwise known as sulfate of potash-magnesia or langbeinite, was used by pre-industrial age farmers as a soil conditioning agent. They found Sul-Po-Mag was an easy to use, naturally occurring mineral that restored worn soils and increased growing potential.

For centuries, European growers used the ash of burnt timbers to put essential elements back into their fields between harvesting seasons. But with the increase of individual farms and farmers in agrarian societies, and the deforestation of large areas of rural Europe, finding lumber became more of a challenge. Lumber from the New World quickly became a valuable commodity.

In fact, when the Pilgrims sent their very first shipment home in 1621, it consisted almost entirely of milled lumber for use in furniture making, ship building, and agriculture. However, this too was a short term solution, as lumber and ash from the New World proved costly and was in too short of a supply for wide scale application in farming. Another material had to be found, and Sul-Po-Mag was discovered.

Containing a proper balance of the plant growing minerals Sulfur, Potassium, and Magnesium, Sul-Po-Mag was the perfect solution to restoring mineral deprived fields. Growers were able to harvest greater amounts with less frequent fallow periods, thereby increasing their profitability.

Today Sul-Po-Mag is still helping growers achieve better growing results. Using Sul-Po-Mag can restore lost minerals and ensure plants get the proper nutrients they need to unlock their maximum potential. If you have plants that are showing signs of mineral deficiency, treat them with Sul-Po-Mag. You will be amazed at the results!


Light Application: 7 lbs per 1,000 square feet or 1/4 cup per large plant

Normal Application: 12 lbs per 1,000 square feet or 1/3 cup per large plant

Heavy Application: 25 lbs per 1,000 square feet or 1/2 cup per large plant 

Derived from: Sulfate of Potash