• Thatch Away

Thatch Away

Liquid Fertilizer

by Nitron Industries



Thatch Away

Thatch Away is a special liquid concentrate that contains millions of beneficial microorganisms that breakdown excess thatch build up on your lawn's surface. Safe and non-toxic.

A beautiful lawn doesn’t just happen overnight. A proper balance between sunshine, water levels, and soil conditioning has to be maintained. Thatch can be detrimental to your lawn, by preventing grass from aerating properly and blocking mineral and nutrient absorption.

Thatch Away is a specially formulated 100% organic liquid concentrate containing millions of active microorganisms that breakdown thatch into particles that plant roots can more readily absorb.

This natural decomposition process

  • Removes debris and other plant stunting materials naturally
  • Increases beneficial bacteria levels in the soil
  • Fertilizes plants as the excess materials breakdown
  • Gives plants a boost, promoting growth and providing more even coverage

How Thatch Away Works

Thatch Away is a concentrated liquid formula that contains millions of beneficial organisms that break down hard to use organic materials into readily available nutrients that plants can use to grow. By removing thatch naturally, your lawn can have all the benefits of increased soil activity, without any of the stress or expenses associated with vertical mowing or chemical treatment solutions.

Using Thatch Away regularly will keep your lawn healthy and help your plants get the right amount of nutrients and minerals they need to grow healthy and stay strong.

Why a proper thatch layer is important

Thatch is the name given to the built up layer of clippings and debris that accumulate where the base of the grass blades meet the surface of the soil. Thatch is a natural protective barrier that helps keep moisture in, and serves as an insulation layer for the plant’s root system. Although thatch is a naturally occurring phenomenon, problems can occur when this layer is allowed to get too thick. This happens in fast growing, frequently mowed areas such as lawns, ball fields, and golf courses where clippings are created faster than they can decompose.

Solutions for reducing thatch range from using harsh chemical treatments, hand removal with shovels and rakes, all the way to expensive vertical mowing landscape machines that can cost thousands of dollars. Using Thatch Away can reduce the level of thatch in your lawn or garden the natural way, by introducing enzymes and microbacteria that begin breaking down the organic material found in thatch.

Thatch Away can help restore lawns that are spotted and brown and revitalize areas where excess thatch has reduced lawn growth and appearance. Thatch Away is safe, environmentally friendly, and the more economical solution than chemical measures available on the market today.


Light Application: 1/4 gallon per 5,000 square feet

Normal Application: 1/2 gallon per 5,000 square feet

Heavy Application: 1 gallon per 5,000 square feet