• Tree Magic

Tree Magic

Liquid Fertilizer

by Nitron Industries



Tree Magic

The special enzyme and mineral formula found in Tree Magic helps create new, vigorous feeder roots, increase microbial activity and aids the release of nutrients back into your tree’s soil.

Promotes tree health by supplying trees with nutrients they need

Tree Magic is a natural liquid enzyme for tree care that provides vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other natural growth regulators directly to the root zone of the tree encouraging optimal tree health. Consisting of all natural ingredients, Tree Magic is safe for use as a regular feed for trees year round.

Using Tree Magic:

  • Increases microbial activity
  • Releases previously unavailable nutrients to the tree
  • Stimulates new feeder roots which increase nutrient intake and helps stabilize the tree in the soil
  • Helps stressed trees recover from damage caused by environmental concerns, pollution, or weather 
  • Works on any species of tree (oak trees, maple trees, dogwood trees, elm trees, apple trees, peach trees and fruit trees)

How it Works

Tree Magic works by combining enzymes, seaweed, fish extract, minerals, amino acids, vitamins, iron, manganese, zinc, and other nutrients into a fast acting liquid formula that has the advantage of carrying the nutrient mixture directly to the root zone. The tree creates new root growth, absorbing the liquid and using the vitamins and minerals to keep the tree at peak health.

How trees use nutrients to grow

There are two ways that a tree can take in moisture and nutrients. First is through the bark and leaves, second is through their root system. And while trees can absorb small amounts of water from the air with their outer bark and foliage, the vast majority of fluids are brought up through their roots into the trunk.

The root system of a healthy tree should expand to the edge of the tree's canopy. And while the trunk and branches account for the bulk amount of a tree, the root structure possesses the tree’s largest surface area. Over 95% of a tree’s roots can be found in the first three feet of soil.

Roots fan out horizontally and help secure and stabilize the tree. Most of the absorption of water takes place through roots which branch out in all directions, forming thousands of short, narrow tips throughout the soil. Water enters through thin membranes at the end in what are known as “transport roots”.

Symbiotic or “good” fungi called mycorrhizae are located at the tips of these tree roots and help to enhance water and nutrient absorption by these roots. Tree Magic helps stimulate these microbes, making them much more active and numerous, which brings more moisture into the root.

Because roots are fragile, they are susceptible to drought, frost, and man made occurrences such as digging or contamination. They also serve as food for nematodes, springtails, rodents, and various fauna. The health of any tree starts at the bottom with the ability of the roots to absorb the proper amounts of moisture and nutrients. By using Tree Magic, you can help ensure your trees reach their maximum potential.

More information on tree absorption

Urban sprawl isn’t just bad for wildlife. Concrete highways, sidewalks, and parking lots redirect water flow, reflect heat, and interfere with the natural processes of plants too. Since urban trees are usually spaced farther apart individual trees can develop larger crowns or top portions. Since transpiration (the process by which a tree dissolves minerals with water) uses this larger leaf structure, more and more amounts of water and nutrients are required to maintain the health of the tree. In hot or even mildly dry climates, this lack of water may cause the tree to stress, weaken and potentially defoliate.

Pollution can also take a toll on urban forestry. Smog and other pollutants can interfere with the natural processes of a tree, covering bark and leaves with toxic chemicals that are absorbed through the leaf membranes. This can push an already unhealthy tree into being a sick tree. Chemical tree fertilizers can cause further shock to the system with their high amounts of herbicides and nitrates. Substances like tree food can provide supplements to the sick tree, but they don’t encourage new root growth like Tree Magic does.

By regularly feeding with Tree Magic you can help ensure your trees increase their nutrient intake and provide essential vitamins and minerals the tree needs to succeed.


Light Application: 4 oz per gallon per 6 inch diameter of tree trunk

Normal Application: 6 oz per gallon per 6 inch diameter of tree trunk

Heavy Application: 8 oz per gallon per 6 inch diameter of tree trunk

Derived from: Fish hydrolysate, seaweed, and humic acid