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Grow top quality plants, flowers, and vegetables without harmful chemicals which can harm your family, wildlife and the environment around you.  Garden IQ is your organic solutions store providing all-natural, organic solutions that are free of harmful chemicals.  We have a wide variety of high quality organic products to choose from and a knowledgeable staff to help you make the best selection.  Call us at (800) 835-0123 or email us at contact@nitron.com

Top Selling Products

Nitron's A-35

Nitron A-35 is a natural soil conditioner that releases soil nutrients. A-35 is the key to successful organic gardening and compliments fertilizers and compost.

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Diatomaceous Earth

Ultimately, Diatomaceous Earth works by dehydration. The diatom is composed mostly of air making it ideal for liquid or fluid absorption.

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Soft Rock Phosphate

Soft Rock Phosphate is a 100% natural powder form of the element phosphorous, which plants need to grow strong and healthy.

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Nitron Industries was founded 1978. We have been providing organic growing supplies to home gardeners, commercial farmers, and businesses for over 39 years. Our store is in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and our products can be found in nurseries and garden centers across the state. We are also proud to send orders to thousands of customers across the United States.

We are dedicated to providing products and resources that will enable you to grow clean, healthful food, while encouraging environmental sustainability