Formula A-35 is an enzyme based micronutrient fertilizer for vegetable gardens, flower gardens, landscaping beds, lawns, trees, and shrubs. Apply A-35 with all organic gardening methods and products.  The enzyme Formula A-35 is an excellent source of micro nutrients and acts as a soil conditioner.  Application of Formula A-35 with compost is also extremely effective in speeding up the natural composting process.


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Do NOT mix Nitron Formula A-35 with chemical fertilizers or apply with “time released” fertilizers.  Many times these time release fertilizers are included in bagged potting soil.  Apply Formula A-35 in a separate application two weeks prior or after the application of chemically derived fertilizers. Do not over fertilize.  Formula A-35 makes all nutrients, including within the soil, more available for the plant.  Therefore we recommend the normal fertilization be cut back ¼ of the amount.

Store out of direct sunlight in temperatures 98°F or lower. Freezing will not harm the formula, but extended temperatures over 100° F may cause some deterioration.  When properly stored, Formula A-35 will have a shelf life of many years.

Application Rates:
General Mix Ratio: ½ – 1 cup (4-8OZ) per gallon of water
1 Gallon treats 10,000 square feet or ¼ Acre
1 Quart treats 2500 square feet
1 Gallon treats 32 shrubs, trees or large plants at a rate of ½ cup per plant

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Pint, Quart, Gallon, 5 Gallon


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