Sea Grow Plus is a blend of natural ocean kelp extract, and fish, made from Fish Hydrolysate. Sea Grow Plus provides a balance of organic nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium for all plants. Sea Grow Plus provides micronutrients which accelerates growth, increases fruiting and flowering and intensifies foliage color.

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Highly recommended as a foliar nutrient spray and as a hydroponic feed, Sea Grow Plus may also be applied directly to the soil. Foliar application is an extremely efficient and effective method of providing nutrients directly to the plant.  When applied to the foliage, Sea Grow Plus should be sprayed in a fine mist.



Light application: 1/4 gallon per 5,000 square ft

Normal application: 1/2 gallon per 5,000 square ft

Heavy application: 1 gallon per 5,000 square ft

Foliar application: Apply as a liquid foliar spray by mixing 1 tablespoon Sea Grow Plus to each gallon of water. Apply with pressurized applicator or similar equipment, making certain to mist all sides of leaf surfaces. Apply a minimum of 3 times during the growing season; (1) when plants are first leafing out, (2) when buds are setting, (3) three weeks after buds set.

Hydroponic rate: Generally, apply 1 tablespoon per gallon of water.

Derived from: Seaweed Extract, Fish Hydrolysate

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