Thatch Away is a specially formulated 100% organic liquid concentrate containing millions of active microorganisms that breakdown thatch into particles that plant roots can more readily absorb. Thatch Away is an easy-to-apply toxin free liquid formula. No need to keep children or pets off treated areas. The naturally derived ingredients are safe for every lawn. Concentrated organisms in Thatch Away improve biological activity in the soil so thatch begins to break down immediately. The soil’s ability to digest grass clippings and organic matter accelerates, providing natural nutrients combined with Thatch Away’s micro nutrients to feed your lawn.

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Thatch-Away eliminates thatch all by itself, or it can be apart of our 3 step process that promotes a healthier lawn: First, a pre-application of Nitron Formula A-35 helps leach chemical toxins from soil. Nitron A-35 enzymatic action alters tension of soil moisture to improve water percolation, absorption and retention. Second, two weeks after the Nitron A-35 treatment, apply one quart of Thatch Away to 2,500 square feet of lawn area. Third, use organic fertilizer instead of synthetic fertilizer to avoid buildup of synthetic toxins, this provides natural nutrients and maintains living soil.


Light application: 1/4 gallon per 5,000 square ft

Normal application: 1/2 gallon per 5,000 square ft

Heavy application: 1 gallon per 5,000 square ft

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