Tree Magic is a biological formula containing chelated micronutrients and enzymes. Tree Magic supplies important enzymes, seaweed, fish extract, minerals, amino acids, vitamins, iron, manganese, zinc, and natural growth regulators. Tree Magic works from the root system up, producing lustrous green foliage, glowing color, and bountiful fruit sets. Its liquid formula, aided by enzymes, has the advantage of carrying nutrients directly to the root zone where it acts as a rooting agent, stimulating new growth, increasing microbial activity, and releasing nutrients that were previously unavailable to plants, resulting in improved health and vitality. Get a quick response from trees suffering stress, environmental pollution, and other maladies that can cause decline.

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Light application: 4 ounces per 6 inches of tree diameter per gallon

Normal application: 6 ounces per 6 inches of tree diameter per gallon

Heavy application: 8 ounces per 6 inches of tree diameter per gallon

Preparation for planting:

Dig the hole for balled trees, twice as wide as the ball, but need not be deeper than the ball. For bare roots around 2” caliper dig a hole 12” to 24” deep. Digging a larger hole gives plenty of room for root growth and establishment. Fill back in with removed topsoil and water in thoroughly.

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